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I just want to take this opportunity to welcome all of you to this new community.  This will be a community of people who are practicing the anorexic/bulimic lifestyles (i.e. binging/purging, restricting, laxatives, diet pills, etc) but are by weight above normal weight.  This is neither a pro or anti ed community. This is for people who already have the starting of an ed or are in an ed but their weight doesnt show it yet, and want support.  this will be a support community for us.  I will give you my stats just so you know that I belong here as the moderator.

My stats;
age: 27
height: 5' 7"
cw: 220
hw: 285 ( last november 2006)
lw: 130 ( about 8 years ago before i got married and had kids0
stgw: 180
ltgw: 120

Thanks again for joining and welcome!!!
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