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ok so my husband is being really mean.  he is saying stuff like u really need to lose weight or you'd be really pretty if u just were skinnier.  he is always looking at half naked women on the internet and comparing me very unfavorably to them.  i am crying at the moment.  i just dont know what to do..been very depressed lately not to mention stressed.  i work 50+ hours a week..over night shifts where he works about 10 hours a week..i take care of the kids and our apt during the day where he does nothing..i sacrafice getting ample rest to function where he bitches and moans if he goes to bed at 10 and gets up before 9.  i feel like i am in stress overload and no one will help me or understands.  am i just being a pity pot or what?  sorry for whining.  i just feel so low now..i cut again i just cant escape the pain i feel.  idk....whats the point of it all...existence i mean..i love my daughters but i just feel worthless to them...i dont even have enough energy to take them outside to play when they want to i am always exhausted.  i just cant take much more..i feel like i am at the verge of *another* nervous break down.  thanks for reading my ramblings

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